Access Blocked Sites using Proxy Chrono ByPass


You can easily unblock social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, Bebo, MySpace etc which are blocked in your Office, College and schools. Browse the internet anonymous way and secure internet. You can unblock sites using a proxy server.

If you’re not aware of the term what is Proxy ? You can read it here wikipedia source of Proxy server. Previously we had talked alot about anonymous browsing on Firefox, Secure browsing internet with IP Hider software and also covered VPN tools to browse internet in a much secure way. Adding to the list, another useful web proxy to unblock sites.

Chrono ByPass is a web proxy which can unblock certain websites which are blocked in your networks. If example, you may see block message in your College computers or Office computers when you try to access your favorite social networking site Facebook or Orkut or MySpace etc.

Chrono ByPass bypass sites with ease. Easily unblock orkut, bebo, myspace, xanga, youtube, dailymotion, facebook, Hi5, nexopia, netlog and many others. Browse your favorite sites in an anonymous and secure way.

Chrono ByPass

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  1. Crunchynow says:

    Cool one…

    but i am already using such things……

  2. Anelly says:

    I use IP Privacy to access blocked websites : and works great.

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