3 Tools to Send more than 140 characters on Twitter


Twitters’ limit for engaging is with in 140 characters of text. Twitter micro-blogging service lets you to tweet messages to 140 characters. For tweeps who’re talkative, this limit is intolerable. Although we shouldn’t talk too much, this ain’t MSN. Maybe if you’re looking for a way to tweet more than 140, here are the best 3 services that allows you to send more than 140 characters on twitter.

Tweet Compressor

Tweet Compressor makes your tweets shorter by replacing groups of two or three letters with a single character that looks the same. Now you can beat Twitter’s 140 character limit!


Twitlonger is an easy way to post long messages to Twitter without the need to write a blog post. Write what you need here and we post the link to Twitter for you


Tinypaste is a simple web service that lets you to paste any text or code and then save it. Once you save it, you will get a Tiny url where you can share it directly on twitter.

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  1. vrunda says:

    hey… thanx for the post.. i was facing the problem of limitation of 140 char.. so it will definitely help me.. thanx for sharing..

  2. Hi
    Firstly thanks for your visit to my blog. Thought I would return the luv and come across and see what yours was about. Thanks for the info on techie stuff which I know little about. Will have to look into this as sometimes 140 characters bit limiting when tweeting.
    Patricia Perth Australia

  3. Fareed khan says:

    wow, very useful..Thankx

  4. nice post dear!
    subscribed to your blog feed via email :)

    Your blog loads too fast! dear where are you hosting it???

  5. esoftload says:

    i used twitlonger and found it to be a useful one……

  6. I guess these all are not legitimate ways, as in twitter policy you should not use mean/software which you post a tweet more than 140 words

  7. Natan V says:

    Another Cool Twitter Compressor

    I’m currently using Tweet It In. It lets you add contractions, abbreviations, remove inner vowels from long words, perform unicode replacement, and shrink links in real time. The best part is that you can connect directly to Twitter and Tweet without having to port the text.

    Try it out: http://tweetitin.com/

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