3 Effective Ways to Gain More Blog Subscribers


I have been blogging for sometime now and I discovered that repeat traffic is the best type of traffic. I discovered that those people visiting my blog from my RSS feed or mailing list spend far more time on my blog than those visiting from other sources.

Traffic is only part of the game, conversion is another. This post will be listing 3 ways by which you can gain more subscribers to your blog.

1. Let People Know You Want Them to Subscribe

Time and time again I have seen people complaining of not getting subscribers to their blog while they are not telling their readers to subscribe. If you want people to subscribe to your blog let them know you want them to subscribe and they will be happy to do so. There are several ways to let your readers know you want them to subscribe and I will be listing some below:

– Make Your Subscription Option Visible: A great way to make it clear to your readers that you want them to subscribe to your blog is by making your subscription option visible on your blog, don’t hide your subscription form below your blog and expect people to subscribe but rather put your subscription option above your posts where everybody can see it.

– Ask Them to Subscribe: Another great way to make your readers know you want them to subscribe is by letting them know it clearly. You can as well go ahead to write a post listing several reasons they should subscribe to your blog.

2. Drive Traffic

Oh! You want to gain 10 subscribers a day when you only get 5 visitors a day? Impossible! If you want more subscribers to your blog then focus on driving traffic to your blog because it is traffic that will result in subscribers. There are several ways to get traffic to your blog and here are some common ways to get more traffic below:

– Guest Blogging
– Blog Commenting
– Forum Posting
– Social Networking Sites

3. Deliver Value

Over and over again I have seen readers telling me they subscribed to my blog because they love my posts, I have also noticed and increase in the number of subscribers to my blog when I write a great post.

Don’t let your readers question subscribing to your blog but rather let them think that is the best action they ever took in their blogging career. Focus on providing consistent value to your readers always and they will come back to thank you for it.


Getting more subscribers to your blog can be easier if you have the right blueprint. Follow the above 3 steps to get more subscribers to your blog.

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  1. vrunda says:

    hey srivathasan..

    Helpful information for getting more subscribers… thanx for sharing.. to write good article is also a good way to make them subscribe..

  2. MsKatrina says:

    And let’s not forget to check your subscriber service to see who subscribed by did not verify. It is quite simple to send them a quick reminder notice.

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