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Flickr, the largest photo sharing website where amateur to Pro photographers have an account. If you’ve interest in Photography, then you should have an account in it. It’s free. We had discussed a lot of Flickr tools such as displaying Flickr album inside facebook, Guiding you to buy camera’s with the help of Flickr and a lot more. Have a quick glance over the Flickr tools which we had covered, you can open it on a new tab and keep it for later read.

WP-Flickr WordPress plugin allows you to embed Flickr images into WordPress blog posts. You can choose any of the standard sizes and then choose your image. You can also choose from any of your sets or directly from your public photo stream. It is easy to connect to your Flickr account and a simple way to add your photos to you blog. The title of your image automatically becomes the image alt text too.

Once you’ve installed the WP Flickr plugin, you need to give access to your Flickr account, simply authorize from the WP Flickr settings page on the dashboard. Once you’ve given the authorization, you can select the default size that will be selected on the page you write posts / pages.

When ever you write a new post, you can see a separate tab called WP-Flickr below the writing board. Just click on the picture from the set and it will be added to your post. It takes the alt tag (which is very important factor for SEO) from the title of the image. So just by a click, you can embed Flickr images into WordPress blog posts.

Download WP-Flickr WordPress plugin

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  1. Flick + WordPress – it’s huge economy of disc space and traffic

  2. Michael says:

    Another amazing flickr plugin:
    The Flickr WordPress Plugin allows you to add flickr images to your wordpress posts.

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