What is an Affiliate Program and How To Start with Affiliate Program ?


There are many ways to make money online, one of the method is Affiliate program. People get confused between an affiliate and adsense. I just wanted to make it clear and simple. For people who know what it is already may feel this post as a n00b guide. Yes, it is actually a n00b guide for beginners. Once you’ve learned the concept, you can start making money online. Let’s see what is affiliate program, adsense etc..

An affiliate program is simply a website where the owner puts up his product for sale and if you like to sell his product, you can sign up to be his affiliate. Whenever you make a sale, the owner will pay you a commission generated from sale of the product.

There are many popular websites where you can find affiliate products, one of them would be www.ClickBank.com , where you can find virtually all sorts of digital products to sell.

Before starting with affiliate program, you need to have a large readers base or you need to be creative for selling the product. One of the best methods is to put product banners in your website/blog. Once you have build a trust among the readers, you can easily promote the products. But make sure you don’t sell anything illegal or products which don’t belong to your niche (eg : selling sleeping pills on your technology blog/website)

There are many interesting ways to promote the affiliate product, let me try to cover a few famous one on the next post. Now let’s see what is adsense and difference between an affiliate program and adsense.

As I mentioned earlier, novice get confused between adsense and affiliate program. Adsense is an advertising program owned by Google. When you sign up for a free account, you will be given a set of codes to place on your website and the ads displayed will be relevant to the contents on your webpage. When your visitors click on these ads, Google will actually pay you some cash for these clicks!

Recently Google revealed the share for publishers of these ads. They give 68% of the revenue to the publishers and remaining 32% they keep them for technology development. So, for both adsense and affiliate program, you need to generate some traffic for making some money from these. Let’s discuss about the working methods to pull off the traffic on the next post.

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  1. Nice post Sri and really useful for budding bloggers who wants to get into affiliate marketing..
    My 2 cents: Adsense is no doubt great for recurring income but by the end it’s affiliate marketing which boost your income in a great way…!!

  2. Robin says:

    Impressive. Its a great one for every new bie bloggers :) Try to bring more affiliate network links in next post srivathsan.

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