Upload Images directly from Firefox to Imgur


Imgur is one of my favorite and largest image hosting website which serves more than two millions users per day. I just love their interface which is very clean (without ads) and easy to use. Just enter imgur.com, browse your image file and upload them. Share the links with everyone. With the help of their Firefox extension, we can directly upload images to Imgur from your Firefox browser.

Imgur Uploader extension for Firefox let you upload any image found on the web directly on imgur.com, with a simple right-mouse click. Just move your mouse on the image, select “upload image on imgur” and the URL of the newly uploaded image is automatically copied in the clipboard.

I installed this extension on my Firefox and below is the screenshot, where I searched some images of cars on Google. When I found some awesome car images, I right clicked on the image and uploaded to Imgur.com. So simple isn’t it ?

This extension helps us to quickly upload your pictures to a reliable image hosting website which has a less downtime and the images are uploaded very quickly.

Must have for your Firefox – Download Imgur Uploader extension

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