Turn Google Reader in to Beautiful Feed wall using FeedSquares


Catching up with all blog updates around the web ? Want to know the latest happenings on the tech, gadgets etc ? Then you must be using or should use Google reader, where keeping up with your favorite websites is as easy as checking your email. It’s a web based aggregator capable of catching up all the blog updates and provides you for easy reading. But one thing, if you’re a design lover and expecting it to be somewhat stylish and colorful, then Feedsquare is what all you need.

Feedsquare extension for chrome turns Google reader into beautiful feed wall. It provides a cool, entertaining way to read your favorite feeds. Once you’ve installed this extension, all your feeds are arranged in different colors like a bunch of squares on the wall with different categories. Whatever the category you choose to read, it pops up and other categories are dimmed down.

To read a feed, simply tap on any square and enter the feed view. Roll over your mouse to start viewing the list of horizontal items from you feed, just click on it to open the item view and view its content. You can star and share the item as well. You can get into the options panel and customize the background color, etc. For Notebook users who use trackpad can enable the trackpad mode.

Download Feedsquares extension for chrome

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