Protect Before Getting Hack Twitter Account


One of the possible reason to get hacked on twitter is by referencing direct messages from someone whom you’re following and that includes a link to a phishing scam. Phishing scam is a illgeal website or in simple words, it is a fake page of or some twitter application where it tricks you to enter your username and password. It is always safer to protect ourselves before we fall into these kind of things. We may never knew when these twitter spammers will attack our accounts, so these are some important tips that I would suggest everyone to be aware of ..

When creating a twitter account, use strong passwords for your twitter account. If you’re unable to create a strong password by own, you can use third party apps that gives you a strong password in combination of letters,numbers and symbols. Here are 15 tips for creating strong passwords and that are easy to remember too.

Now twitter has made it mandatory that every third party twitter apps must use oAuth method, where it doesn’t ask your twitter login credentials, so before that all the third party apps will ask users to enter their twitter username and password manually for using the apps. Now for a better security measure, twitter has made OAuth method compulsory.

Most of the times, people are fooled by a phishing scam. They are made to click links by telling some false offers and tricks which makes people to fall for them. Never fall for such prey. Phishing links use the same tiny URL and redirects that are used for many links on twitter. So never click any links which are sent on DM (direct message) even if it is from your close friend. Confirm them whether only they had sent it and then click it if needed.

Having weak passwords that can be guessed by the hacker or hacking software is a Epic fail. Create a strong password so that no one can break it. If at all something has happened to your twitter account, you can reclaim control of your account by changing your password and make sure you revoke access to all third party twitter applications.

You can easily revoke access to all the third party applications from your twitter dashboard by going Twitter > settings > Connections. Here it will be listed all the applications that you’ve allowed to access your twitter account. Select the one which is not trustable and revoke the access.

Also, If you ever wanted to check whether that you’re also affected by the phishing scam ? You can check by going to your direct messages sent folder to see if there any illegitimate message being sent from your account. Beware of the links received via a direct message and consider only using third party apps that use OAuth method.

Check what can be done using Twitter DM apart from twitter phishing.

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  1. Thanks for your great guidelines.

  2. VISHAL says:

    Nice tips.

  3. Account hack is a bitter experience. Recently my hotmail account is suspended as Hotmail says was compromised by somebody to send spam mails through that address. I rarely use hotmail since I’m using yahoo and gmail address. After a long time I had to log on to hotmail to sign live services (submitting sitemap to Bing Webmaster) and come to know that it is suspended.

    In case of Twitter, the OAuth method works great. I don’t need to enter Twitter username and password anywhere except on twitter itself. This has made Twitter account more secure.

    Thanks for the alert and different suggestions.

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