Personalized Multiple Search engines using Favitt


Searching your queries on multiple search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia and more search sites at single click is so cool. And also customizing the search engine list according to your need and making it as your permanent page on your browser it too cool. Faviit allows you to do all the above mentioned things.

Favitt is a multiple search engine that allows you to add any site you would like to search (site search) to the default list of search engines and delete any of the default search engines you don’t like. Favitt lets you search multiple search engines with out having to open new windows.

You can customize the look of Favitt by adding as many images as you want and set one as the background of your new Favitt homepage. Every search results page has a share button – so not only can you share your Favitt homepage but if you find an interesting search result, you can share it with your friends.

It offers search widget for blogs and websites where your readers can use this cool Favitt inside your blog, website. You can add favorite links and also share it with your friends using social icons present on each results page.

Check out Favitt – Multiple search engines – Similar thing we talked about previously is Kadaza – Personalized startup page

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