Multwiple, Manage Multiple Twitter accounts on Web-Based Twitter Client


There are number of third party applications and twitter desktop apps to make your tweeting experience a level higher than the default web interface. We have also reviewed more than 15 applications for tweeting such as Metrotwit, Spaz, Socialvisor and many more.. Adding to the list of twitter clients family, Multwiple is the new kid. is a web-based twitter client that allows you to use all your twitter accounts in one place. Just love their feature of managing multiple twitter accounts. It has full search capablities and you can keep track of tweeted keywords and statistics. You can shorten urls, retweet tweets that are worth sharing with your twitter followers.

Features of Multwiple :

  • Secure OAuth-based Login.
  • Uniform easy-to-use interface.
  • Add multiple twitter accounts.
  • Quick multiple A/c updates.
  • Follow links with the tweet.

Just login with oAuth based on multwiple and then click + buttons to add multiple twitter accounts and manage them effectively. You can search tweets, shorten the lengthy URL and you can view the current trending topic.

Nothing more to explain about Multwiple, you might have used many twitter clients and apps, so you will know it when you use Multwiple. Just give it a try and if you’re liking it, then continue using it.

Check out Multwiple

Also check out similar tools like Metrotwit, Spaz, Socialvisor.

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