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Few days back, I had written about combining multiple bookmarklets into one single master bookmarklet, so that your browser bookmark bar will have some space for other stuff and will look neat. Using this single master bookmarklet you can access those sub bookmarklets. Now the question is where to find bookmarklets ?. Here is the bookmarklet, internet’s largest bookmarklet database. bookmarklet is a internet largest database and has a huge list of bookmarklets ranging from A to Z. You just need to drag and drop the marklets bookmarklet into your browser bookmark bar. When ever you need some bookmarklets, click on it and it will pop up a small element on your browser where you can search for the bookmarklets and use it.

With the bookmarklet you can search for and use the bookmarklet you need without leaving the website you’re visiting. Now you only need to save one bookmarklet and with one click you’ll have access to the internets largest bookmarklet database.

Just a nifty addon that will come handy for many people. try out ! Bookmarklet !

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  1. Tom says:

    Very cool!! Thanks for the tip! great list of bookmarklets.

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