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There is a potential for human memory and it cannot remember all the things. So having a pre planned checklist will make the work easier in completing the carried out task. On the past we had seen tools like to-do list apps, desktop reminder apps etc. For building a website or wedding, one must keep ready the checklist for wedding in a printable checklist format or written using a pencil and paper.

Checklist is nothing special, its a bunch of items which you can mark as done. Having a checklist template in web 2.0 manner with awesome design and typography etc, you can see this on Launchlist.

Launchlist is a simple checklist template in a graphical manner with pre loaded bunch of items you need to make sure before you launch your website. To be exact, its a online checklist before your launch your website. It has items or questions such as “Page & Content formatting has been tested?”, “Page titles are descriptive and SEO friendly?”, Footer includes copyright and link to site creator? etc.

You can send your checklist as an email to one recipient too. (may be your developer or designer). This website has nothing big, just a graphical checklist before publishing your website online. One useful stuff that you need to bookmark and it keeps reminding you.

There is a option to add your own questions to the checklist, if the questions on the checklist is not suitable to you, you can check N/A option on the side.

Check out Launchlist – Checklist template for websites

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