Know Which Tweet Made You To Loose/Gain Twitter Followers


Did you find someone unfollowing you on twitter ? Are you thinking why did they unfollowed you on twitter ? On the past, we had seen tools to find out who unfollowed you on twitter, but we don’t know why did they unfollow you. What made them to unfollow you on twitter. But today we have a tool that lets you find what made them to unfollow you on twitter. Which tweet made them to unfollow you ? Here you go ..

If you were unfollowed because of a tweet, would you want to know which tweet is that? Tweeteffect is a simple tool that lets you to find out which of your Twitter updates made people follow or leave you. Just enter your twitter username and hit enter. It will analyze your account and give you a detailed statistics on the last few hundred tweet updates and displays how many people have followed and unfollowed you.

It also shows in detail about the specific tweet which made people to unfollow or follow you. It helps us to know how well we perform on twitter and whether we need to reduce the tweet frequency as such. It gives you an idea about how well we do on twitter.

Check out TweetEffect !

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  1. Robin says:

    RT and DIGG Done :) great tool by the way but i am doubted about its accuracy.

  2. callezee says:

    Your are right. I was only aware of tools which enables us to track those who unfollow us so that we can also un-follow them. But it is high time that we should also take sense of finding why, what and when the followers are unsatisfied.

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