Install Chat box on WordPress using WP Chat Plugin


Having an interactive communication with your readers will improve your blogging expereince and You will get suggestions and feedback live from the readers through a chat box on your WordPress blogs. Installing and configuring a chat room in WordPress isn’t tough at all. When you’re in a self hosted WordPress blog, the entire control is with you and with the help of plugins, you can easily achieve it. Let’s see how to ..

WP Chat plugin for WordPress embeds Jaxl IM chat widget capable of powering one-to-one and group chats on your blog. Jaxl IM is a instant messenger for the web and once the WP Chat is installed, you can chat with your readers and visitors easily. It supports all browsers and you can embed the chat widget easily on blogs, forums and personal sites too.

Now login to your dashboard, Select the plugins > Add new > Type “WP Chat” and click “Search Plugins.” and Click “Install Now” to add the WP Chat plug-in to your WordPress installation. Now you can activate the plugin and check out the Wp chat submenu under settings on your dashboard.

Follow the guidelines given under WP chat under settings, all you need to do is, just go to Jaxl IM site, register there and submit your site. Once you’ve submitted, it will ask you to verify by uploading a simple HTML file to your root folder of your website. You can download the simple HTML file and upload it to your root folder of your website via FTP. Once done, then hit verify and it will get verified.

Now you can add chat box on your wordpress blogs. Download WP Chat plugin for WordPress

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  1. Geekyard says:

    Wp Chat is really cool ;) But I have not seen any blog with this Chat Box :p

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