How to do Anonymous browsing on Firefox ?


If you want to do anonymous browsing on Firefox for free, then there are number of ways to do anonymous web browsing without our private data falling into the wrong hands. You may have good antivirus with full protection, but it doesn’t necessarily immunize you against cookies intrusions, sniffers passwords and other data collections. So here is a quick software and Firefox add-on to ensure you browse Firefox anonymously.

Previously we had talked enough about anonymous emailing such as sending fake emails, sending anonymous tweets and also IP Hider software to browse web anonymously. For browsing on Firefox in anonymous mode, we are going to use a software named Tor with its Firefox extension Torbutton. If you’re chrome user, then you use incognito mode. In Firefox also you have ‘Firefox Private browsing’ where Firefox won’t remember any history for that session. You can try this out using Tools > Start Private browsing. Let’s check out the Tor software.

Tor is software that hides your IP behind a string of servers: bounce communications through a distributed network of servers called “onion routers”. You are well protected against web sites that record the pages you visit, against external observers, and against the “onion routers” themselves.

To use, you must download and install Tor. Once you’ve installed, for anonymous Firefox browsing you need to install Torbutton, Firefox add-on. Torbutton provides a button to securely and easily enable or disable the browser’s use of Tor. It is currently the only add-on that will safely manage your Tor browsing to prevent IP address leakage, cookie leakage, and general privacy attacks.

Download Tor and Torbutton extension for Firefox

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