How To Crop Pictures in Photoshop ?


Cropping images isn’t easy with out image editing tools like photoshop etc. Here at Madras Geek, we had reviewed many image editing tools and online apps for editing, cropping and resizing images. But, doing the work with professional tools like Photoshop will always look Professional. Here is a simple and quick tutorial for the beginners who needs to crop images in Photoshop.

Crop Images using Photoshop Tutorial :

Open your Photoshop software

Click File > Open > browse the image from your computer

Now the image is loaded in the Photoshop

Select the crop tool from Photoshop tools pane on the left side (refer the below picture)

Now go to the picture, hold your left mouse button and keep dragging. Select the required area from the image to be cropped.

Now release the click from the left mouse button and hit the enter button on the keyboard.

Your image will be cropped, you can click File > save as > save the cropped image to your computer.

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  1. S.Pradeep Kumar says:

    The first tutorial I ever tried was “How To Crop An Image?” :D

    It was long back, around 4-5 years I believe.. I used to brag about it then.. :D

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