How much Traffic Can Your Website Handle ?


Worst nightmare for a website owner is having a sudden increase in traffic to their site and the server crashes because it is unable to handle the traffic which is incoming. When your website hits digg front page or gets a link from slashdot, then obviously your website traffic will be in peak and If you’ve selected a good hosting, then it should be capable of handling the traffic without letting your website down.

On the past, we had seen many tips to check the loading speed of websites and tips to reduce the loading time of your website, also we know to compare two websites and know their loading time. Now we know how much time does our website takes to load, but we need to know does our server can handle huge number of visitors at the same time ?

Load Impact is an online load testing service that lets you load and stress test your website over the Internet. It predicts about how much traffic your Web site can handle, or at least, the site’s response time based on the number of users accessing it.

It’s like a virtual traffic targetting the website and gives us the report of the server response time when the bulk visitors coming to our websites. It offers a free trail testing with up to 50 concurrent, simulated users.. So just hit to Load Impact and enter any website URL. You do not need to be the site owner to run the test, any URL will work. So if you’re a site owner, then well good, enter your website url and Start test.

It will take some minutes and once it is done, you can see a status bar at the top of the screen which displays the progress. The current speed and total kB transferred are monitored. The graph shows the response time users would receive based on the number of other users on the site. It tests only in 10 users and increments by 10, 20, 30 concurrent stimulated users.

They offer pricing plans like 9$/day with 5000 stimulated users and so on .. So you can take the trail test and then if you’re interested, you can go for it. This Load Impact online service would be very helpful to test any web application by pinging the virtual traffic to the website and whether the new web app can handle the traffic so on.. Instead of pushing the website live and checking its load time, using a online service like this will be much better.

Check out Load Imapct !

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