Highlight an Address and Get its Route Map on Google Chrome


Google maps is one of the best mapping service application around the web. I personally use Google maps to find out the routes and address when ever I need them. It clearly shows me the direction when i just enter the address or the area name. On the past, we had seen many interesting features with Google maps such as finding distances between two places and saving Google maps for offline use etc. Today we have a useful extension for people who use Google maps regularly for finding out places.

Select To Get Maps extension for chrome allows you to find out the addresses just by selecting it on the webpage and shows a pop up with links to show it on map or get directions there.

All you need to do is, just install the extension and it will run on the background. When ever you feel like finding the direction of any unknown addresses, just block the texts on the webpage and it will pop up with the links to show it on Google maps. Just from the chrome browser, you can directly check out the unknown address and find out the directions. It saves you extra click and time.

Download Select To Get Maps extension for chrome.

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