GooEdit : Edit Images Inside Google Chrome on HTML5 Technology


Some times we need to edit images, crop or resize images avatars or make over favorite images. So for editing images, there are many image editing tools both online and offline are available on the web. But most of the people prefer, it should handy and easy to use. So having a built-in image editor on your browser will be superb. Recently we had seen an HTML 5 drawing application from devianART and also a chrome extension to edit images. With the combination from both these, today we have an awesome chrome extension which can edit images using HTML5 technology.

GooEdit image editor for Google chrome helps you to edit your pictures/photos/images easily and fast, on html5 online without need to download. It uses HTML5 technology and offers a set of advanced editing features, while remaining with user-friendly interface enabling you to work intuitively.

When ever you need to edit images on the webpage, just move your mouse near the image, hold ALT key and press right mouse button, a separate new tab will be opened with the image to edit. You can edit the image with advanced tools which are provided. It will be easy for use and user friendly.

Download GooEdit chrome extension.

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