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Google scribe labs provides autocomplete suggestions as you type. Google scribe is a text completion service and it plays like a T9 dictionary on mobile phones. Have you tried the dictionary mode when typing text messages on mobile phones ? It will suggestion or auto complete the sentences as you type. Same like that, Google scribe offers autocomplete as you type in.

Google scribe is a text completion service that provides related word or phrase completion suggestions. In addition to saving keystrokes, Google Scribe’s suggestions indicate correct or popular phrases to use. As of now, its a lab application and supports only English as language.

You can activate the Google scribe feature using Bookmarklet. Just drag and drop the bookmarklet on your browser bookmarks bar. Once you’ve done, just press CTRL+J or click the bookmarklet, it will show as Google scribe enabled. Once it is enabled, it will show autocomplete suggestions as you type. Eg: on a Google search.

You can disable or enable Google scribe just by swtiching over CTRL+J. When you start using Google scribe, the auto completion feature will suggest keywords and beside that you will see numberic numbers, You can click on the required keywords or directly enter the numbers from the keyboard.

By default, Google Scribe shows suggestions as you type. This can be changed to “On demand” by selecting “on Tab” option in the toolbar. You can also toggle between “Always” and “On demand” using a keyboard shortcut.

Google Scribe can be used anywhere, on any web page, using the Google Scribe Bookmarklet.

From the Google Scribe home page, drag the Google Scribe Bookmarklet (located below the text box) to Bookmarks toolbar (or Favorites toolbar depending on your browser). To use Google Scribe on a web page, click on the Google Scribe Bookmarklet. Google Scribe will then enable itself on the active text field on the webpage. Enabled text fields display the icon at top end corner of the active field.

Try Google Scribe now !

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