Find out your first 5 Followers on Twitter


Just came to know about the small twitter app which my friends are using it on twitter. It’s called First Five Followers. It does nothing more than finding out who your first five followers were. It will not send an auto-tweet. It will not do any other harm. You can just know your first five followers on twitter.

First Five Followers app needs you to sign in using oAuth method (where you don’t need to enter any of your twitter credentials, just authorize your twitter account only). Once you’ve authorized, it shows your first five followers and their profile link with the tweet bio. You can follow them if you haven’t, If you’re already following then there is an option to leave, block them.

Nothing more to explain, Check out First Five Followers.

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  1. Crunchynow says:

    wow….nice way to do it….

    thanks …..

  2. Kiran Ruth R says:

    nice nice nice nice ….

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