ExtensionFM Turns Browsing into Music Library


Sometimes when you browse through a music page, you find links to download music or listen it online. If you’re at work, the music may distract you. So collecting those music for later listening is the best way not to miss the music. ExtensionFM is my favorite music extension for Google chrome that runs in the background and silently collects all the music as a library for later listening.

ExtensionFM turns the entire web into your personal music library. As you browse, ExtensionFM runs in the background indexing every MP3 file you come across, building a music library for you. ExtensionFM will continue to check the sites you’ve visited, adding new music for you to listen to every day.

One of my favorite music page 123musiq offers music to listen online and also download. I just visit the music page and my extension fm automatically collects music from the page and stores in my library. Once i complete all my work, I get back to my extension page and listen all the music which is collected on the entire day. It is perfectly arranged into artists, songs etc.

Just view this 60 secs demo of Extension FM, you will understand it better :

If you have extension FM account, you can sync the songs over multiple computers and also you can sync the songs with last.fm and tumblr. Just get into the options panel and you will find it more. One of my favorite music addon for chrome.

Download Extension FM for Google chrome.

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