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Digg is the best and largest place to know breaking news, news on tech, politics and entertainment. The best news which you read or found on the web can voted by digg community. To make the digging work easier and faster, Digg’s official extension for chrome is here.

Digg extension for chrome lets you to see what is being discovered and shared on digg. Once you’ve installed the extension, when ever you read some webpage, the digg count for the URL is displayed to the right of the browser’s address bar. Clicking this reveals the title and comment count for that URL, as well as the button to Digg it remotely.

You can also share the URL on Twitter, Facebook, and email. The random button allows you to discover new content. It’s a great disappointment that there is no button to view the top articles as such. But for a normal surfer who loves social sharing, this extension comes handy.

This is the Official extension from Digg – Download Digg for chrome

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  1. This is a nice way to Digg :)

    Thanks for sharing…

  2. Do you have any such add-on for Firefox also ?

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