Customize Firefox Toolbar with Toolbar Buttons


Firefox is one of the best browsers where we can customize it the way we want with Firefox add-ons and toolbars. Having quick shortcut buttons on your Firefox toolbar makes your work easier and faster. The default toolbar window has few customizable buttons, but for a daily use we need a lot of buttons like bookmarks manager, quickly know page fonts or colors, Wiki, Yahoo mail and many more.

Toolbar buttons is a button pack for Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird browsers. It offers more than 100+ buttons to customize the toolbar window. Once you’ve installed the toolbar buttons add on, you can start customizing the toolbar by going to View > Toolbars > Customize. select what buttons you want to use and drag them to the toolbar.

So below is the list of buttons that Toolbar buttons add-on offer for Firefox browser –
Firefox About, about:cache, about:cache Disk, about:cache Memory, about:plugins, Animation, Bookmark All, Bookmark Manager, Bookmark Menu, Bookmark Page, Bookmark Toolbar, Bottom, Change Home, Clear Data, Clear Url, Clipboard Link, Close All, Close Other Tabs, Close Tab, Current Frame, eBay, Extensions, Favorite Page, Flash, Full Screen, Google Mail, Google, Hide Images, Hide Url, Hotmail, iframes, Link Setting, Minimum Font Size, Movies, New Message, Next Tab, Open, Page Colours, Page Fonts, Page Info, PayPal, Previous Tab, Quick Bookmark, Read Mail, Read News, Reload Skip Cache, Reload Tabs, Remove Label, Remove Labels, Rename Tab, Restart Tabbed, Save Frame, Send Link, Show Frame, Snap Back, Stop All, Tab List, Themes, Tiny Url, Toggle Cookies, Toggle embedded content, Toggle Images, Toggle Java, Toggle JavaScript, Toggle Styles, Toggle Toolbar, Toolbar Bookmark Menu, Top, Translate, Undo Close Tab, Up Directory, Web Search, Wikipedia, Yahoo Mail

If you don’t want too many buttons from one extension, then you can select individually from here.

Download Toolbar Buttons add-on for Firefox

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