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Already we had talked about the usefulness of having a Facebook landing page which increases your brand authority and also attracts the new visitors. We have also discussed about the 10 secrets to increase your Facebook fanbase and Designing a custom facebook page isn’t easy. No FBML knowledge required. Now you can customize your Facebook page with a new landing page design with Pagemodo.

A simple Welcome landing page will turn your Facebook visitors into loyal readers/fans. By default, when a person visits a Facebook page, it goes to the wall tab. Now using this Pagemodo tool, we can easily create a welcome tab page and make it as your landing page.

Pagemodo is a custom facebook page designer that lets you to design your own custom page with a simple HTML pagebuilder. No design or graphic skills required, easy photo and video embedding so that you can embed your business related photos and videos which increases the interaction and customer engagement more on your facebook page.

Once you’ve sign-up for a free account, Select your design layout for your Facebook page. Now according to the selected layout, choose the picture for your business, type the headlines, choose the colors, text, font size, description etc.

Once you’re done with everything, go below and click ‘Install to facebook’ button on the bottom of the page. that’s it. Simple right ?

Check out Pagemodo ! Also check online tool to create landing pages for PPC campaigns etc.

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  1. Michael Vreeken says:

    Pagemodo is really a simple solution, but yet their design is awful… just like any page created by a pagebuilder, and not pro designer.
    If you do not believe me – go and compare Pagemodo designs to.. say.. templates at
    Or check some showcases (compiled by me) of pages of big brands:

    Sorry if I hurt someones feelings :) I didn’t mean it :)

  2. Hi There

    Thanks for a review and for being honest! @Michael Vreeken also a big thanks to you for being honest and letting us know your opinions and thoughts. The pages examples you posted are really great, and it obvious you have some talent ;-) So what is it in your opinion that makes the templates awful?

    By the way a showroom with examples of pages done with Pagemodo can be found here:

    Future updates: Sign up Forms, Slide Shows, Google Analytics, Theme Presets, Improved usability and a lot of new great templates ;-)

    Best Regards
    Thomas Kjeldgaard
    Co-Founder at Pagemodo

  3. Added this to my must try list and will also be including it in my Sunday Smash recap. There are plenty of small business owners that I speak to on a daily basis that don’t have a clue about customizing Facebook fan pages.

  4. BLOG404 says:

    Now a days facebook fan page is a must and number of fans are important factor in considering the authority of site !
    Looks great app , checking it out :)

  5. Thanks for the article. I have been looking for something to assist in creating a Facebook page for Jeep Top Depot. It is already a difficult task finding fans in this niche. At least this will help me provide an exciting landing page for my Facebook profile

    • Coool, If you’re finding any difficulty in creating/customizing a facebook page, you can seek our services. we are here to help you in finding fans and also customizing facebook page for your niche and products.

    • Hi there

      We will soon release templates with sign up forms so you can collect emails and data from your visitors and there is also templates where the visitors has to like the page to view the content.

      Those are great ways to get contacts/fans for your niche ;-)

      Thomas Kjeldgaard
      Co-Founder at Pagemodo

  6. Really Nice post.. with this only i created page for my Facebook page of my blog

  7. Kim Tennant says:

    I’ve set up a Welcome page with Pagemodo – but can’t get my Facebook Page to use it as the landing page. Can anyone help.


  8. Hi Kim

    Please sent an email to

    They will help you in no time ;-)

    Thomas Kjeldgaard
    Co-Founder at Pagemodo

  9. agurchand says:

    Thanks for this good informational post. I’m gonna create one page in Facebook!


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