Crop Images on Google Chrome using Image Cropper


Images can be cropped and resized using Google chrome extensions. Recently we had see two extensions for chrome which deals with editing images inside chrome browser. One is Pixlr extension and other one is GooEdit which uses HTML 5 technology to edit images inside Google chrome. These extensions are full featured image editing with all the advanced tools in it. Today we have Image cropper extensions which does only cropping images inside Google chrome.

Image cropper extension for chrome lets you to crop images inside Google chrome on the fly. Yes, with in seconds, you can crop images and download it to your computer. Really amazed using this extension for a while. It can crop images in any website on the fly.

No need of any external third party tools on your computer or no need to go to any Online image editing apps, just do everything from inside your browser. It can crop images in img html element, Crop css background images for any html element, the cropped images are in PNG format and once you’ve done with image crop you can save it to your computer.

Just go ahead and install the extension, once you’ve installed, you will see a small icon on the top near your address bar. When ever you need to crop any images from the website, just click the icon on the top and then click the images to crop. A small slide pops up with the option to crop and you can just drag and set the size for cropping.

Once you’ve set the size of the image to be cropped, hold your left click on the mouse and right click the image – click save image as option to save the image in PNG format.

Download Image cropper extension for chrome

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