Create Polls on Twitter using PollPigeon


Poll survey lets you to find out the best among any two topics. Tracking polls on twitter isn’t easy, but with PollPiegon it is very easy to track polls and have fun polls on twitter. Previously we had seen creating polls on Facebook, this time we have a simple tool that lets you to conduct free polls on twitter and facebook.

PollPigeon is a easy free web tool that allows you to create free polls on Twitter and Facebook. There is no sign-up required, once you’ve created the poll, you can directly use twitter or facebook login and post the polls. All you need is, enter the title for the poll, pick a topic and select a picture and the two possible answers. Example : Mobile OS – Which is your fav mobile OS ? 1) iPhone OS 2) Android OS

Check out PollPigeon and you will have lots of fun with twitter polls. Don’t forget to browse through their poll categories on the top. Interesting polls are conducted already.

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  1. Smart says:

    I tried this in FB and it works fine :)

  2. This is definitely a big tool that we plan on utilizing. thanks for sharing!

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