Compare Two Websites Load Time & Learn Which Website Loads Faster


Website load time is an important key factor for any blog or website. As a webmaster, you must make website load fast, so that readers/visitors don’t get irritated and practically speaking, anyone doesn’t like waiting for minutes to load a single page. We had discussed enough on reducing the page load time and tips for making blog/website load faster.

There are enough web tools available to check out the speed or loading time of a website. But this is slightly different, you can compare two websites side by side and know their loading time. Its a performance comparison tool which figures out which website loads faster between the two. You can entire two websites like eg: Google vs Bing, Apple vs Adobe etc. is a speed comparison tool to know the fastest loading website by comparing two sites. It is purely developed using HTML and javascript and runs on the client side. You can run the same websites multiple times and on a average basis, it calculates and sends the result.

When you digg out the options panel, where you can do parallel testing or test any website at a time. You can also load multiple pages, one after another. The side that finishes fastest wins! Finally you can grab the details like the exact load time and export it in CSV format.

Check out WhichLoadsFaster, a speed comparison tool.

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