Combine Multiple Bookmarklets into One Master Bookmarklet


There are many bookmarklets available on the web which does many cool jobs and acts as an alternative for an add-on. For example, twitter has let out official twitter bookmarklet where you can share the webpage/links instantly using bookmarklets. So not only twitter, many social websites and other apps has their own bookmarklets such as Facebook, Posterous etc.

These bookmarklets are javascript codes and all you need to do is, simply drag and drop these bookmarklets in your browser’s bookmarks bar. When you try to use so many bookmarklets, your browser’s bookmarks bar becomes cluttered and occupying too much space. So to avoid this, here is a web tool that lets you to combine multiple bookmarklets into one master bookmarklet.

Bookmarklet combiner allows you to combine multiple bookmarklets into one master bookmarklet and that master bookmarklet will serve all the bookmarklets in a order. You need to mention the title and enter the bookmarklet into the column. Once it is completed, give a name for the master bookmarklet and save it.

Drag the master bookmarklet and drop it on your browser’s bookmarks bar. Once you click the master bookmarklet, it will drop down all the sub bookmarklets which you have combined. So now it occupies less space and offers great and quick way.

Try out Bookmarklet combiner !

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