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Installing screenshot softwares or capture screenshot using online apps, nothing comes handy as using a browser plugin to take screenshots and that too full web page screenshot. Today we have chrome screenshot plugin that captures full web pages in just a click.

Webpage Screenshot plugin for chrome lets you to take full page screenshots fast and quickly. It allows you to save and share, print and edit screenshots of any webpage. You can save your image in PNG/JPG formats.

If you are want you can also draw, edit, cut, or change the resolution. The extension is easy and user-friendly. Just one click to take the picture and one click to share. In addition, the extension allows you to edit picture, write comments, draw on it and share it with your friends via Gmail.

My verdict :

Seriously, I have been using this plugin for chorme past one week and very impressed with the speed and easy user interface. Once you’ve installed this extension, like other extensions, you can find a small icon near the address bar. When ever you need to take screenshot of webpages, just click on the icon at top. It provides you with two options – Visible screenshot and All page screenshot.

Visible screenshot can capture the webpage in your window screen resolution like as anyother tool or addons do. All page screenshot can capture the full webpage from top to bottom of the page and save the image as PNG or JPG format.

Once you have selected the all page or visible screenshot, it captures the screen picture and opens a new tab with the editing tools. You can write text, draw arrow marks, cut and edit pictures. Once you’ve done with the editing, you can save the picture in two available formats. One is JPG and other one is PNG.

You can also share the screenshot with other friends. Just click the share button, you will notice the image getting uploaded and a link is provided with the social share buttons displayed. You can share the image with Gmail, twitter, facebook and other social sites.

You can also print the picture, so all together it not only takes screenshot of the webpage but also allows you to share and print it.

Download Webpage Screenshot addon for chrome

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  1. I use Snagit for this.

  2. Hey Sri
    One question how is the quality of screenshot ?
    I use snagit…but I will prefer chrome extension since I use Chrome all the time… Your comment would be appreciated…

  3. Jenn says:

    I’ve been using GatherBack ( for screenshots – it’s really nice. Highly recommended!

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