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Facebook applications and useless quizzes wall posts are irritating sometimes and the only default way provided by Facebook is to hide those applications, but how many apps can we keep on hiding ? The official press release of Facebook says there are more than 550,000 active applications on Facebook. You know how much apps your friends use and spam your timeline, you cannot be rude to your friends and ask them to stop using the apps, instead the only thing we can do is, just use an add-on to hide all the Facebook application messages on your stream automatically.

Facebook Application Blocker extension for chrome blocks any postings on Facebook that are done by applications. It has also a white list, so you can exclude individual applications. Once you’ve installed the extension, just login to your Facebook account and you won’t even see one single post from any Facebook application. It blocks all the wall postings from the application.

You can choose if you want to see all application postings, if you want to highlight them or if you want to hide all of them. The extension also provides a white list so you can exclude all the applications you like from being blocked by the extension. The small counter at the top of the icon tells you about how many application postings were detected by the extension.

To add applications to your personal white list you can check out the found box at the left bottom of each Facebook page that contains application postings. Or you can uncheck the option “Filter application entries” in the menu and then use the link “add to white list” at the bottom of each application posting.

This extension reduces the manual work of hiding all the applications individually and does it fully automatic.

Download Facebook application blocker

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  1. Satyajit says:

    cool extension…will try it…
    Thanks for sharing… :)

  2. Cool application.. I love it!

    Want to block Facebook from work?

    This software is better than blocking Facebook as it only monitors Facebook in work hours. Team members still can use Facebook when on lunch. Also some employees must use Facebook for their work so it’s silly to just indiscriminately block it.

  3. bittersweetnicky says:

    Great application! I’ll make sure to try it out.

    Ive been using . It uses a better method than blocking social media sites because it only monitors sites like Facebook in working hours. people/employees can still use it for a breather, during lunch breaks and sometimes they use it for work too so its really unecessary to block it.

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