Automatic Task on Windows with Do It Again


This free automation software for windows automation does the task automatically when programmed. Just feed the task on the program and it does automatically when ever you need it. Do It Again is an automation testing tool acts like a automatic task scheduler.

If there is something that you do on your computer over and over, and you do it exactly the same way every time (such as backing up your pictures, checking web-based email for new messages, etc.), you can tell Do It Again how to perform that task (by doing it once yourself to create the new task). Then you can run that task whenever you want and Do It Again will automatically click the buttons and press the keyboard keys (in exactly the same way as when you created the task), while you sit back and watch the task being performed on the screen.

Do It Again is a free program that allows you to make your computer automatically perform a task for you, whenever you want. Once you’ve downloaded the free automation software and install it. Now plan your task and start recording. Click ‘Create a new task’ button and do it yourself once. The Do It Again program captures your keystrokes and mouse movements and when you want to end the program, click the scroll lock or F12.

If you don’t have scroll lock, then you can change the options from the panel. Go to options > Set task done/cancel key > F12. Now if you want to end the task, click ‘F12’ button. Your entire task will be recorded and when ever you double click the task, it does it the same way like first time.

This task automation software reduces the work which we daily do it again and again in the same way. Simply click the task and sit back relax. It does it for you. If you ask me, I personally use this software to check my mails, opening IM accounts, Check feeds for certain websites etc. So I do certain task regularly in the same order, so this software is of great help.

Download Do It Again – Automation Software Windows

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