Add Mustache on Photo Faces


I can’t stop laughing out loud after seeing this picture. Wondering which picture ? lol, its Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with a mustache. Just found an online app while surfing the web and the app’s speciality is it adds mustache on faces of pictures.

Cloudnine’s Mustaschify is a Sweden webpage that lets you to add mustache on photo faces. Mustaschify doesn’t provide any upload feature to upload your own images from your computer. You can only give directly link of the image from the web. Either images from website or any images which are hosted on the web.

So all you need do is, just insert the image link and click ‘Mustaschify’. Once it is clicked, you will see the image which mustache. Just try out Mustaschify and have fun with it.

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  1. Nice tool. Would be funny to try out some pics :P

  2. fareed khan says:

    very funny tool, nice share..

  3. Geekyard says:

    Ha ha… Very funny.. I tried Mustache for my sister ;)

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