5 Runtimes & Drivers Must Install on PC


For viewing a YouTube video or running a software on your PC, you must have some pre-installed drivers and runtime applications which are must to work smoother and easier. Already we had talked alot about must have softwares to keep your computer secure and also 5 things to do on a New computer. Apart from these, you also need these 5 runtimes & drivers that are must for a smoother work.

Flash Player –

Flash helps you to run internet rich applications. If you’re viewing a Youtube video or playing an online game, you need Flash to be installed on your PC. Download Flash player latest version.

DirectX –

If you find your favorite game or application doesn’t run on your system, then your system may be missing DirectX which is must for running games successfully. Download DirectX latest version.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) –

To run java applications and applets inside your browser, you need JRE. Download Java Runtime Environment.

Microsoft Silverlight –

To support microsoft’s rich web based applications, Silverlight must be installed. Delivers high-quality audio and video, engaging media experiences, and interactive applications for the Web. Same like Adobe Flash, to deliver some rich internet that plain HTML lacks support of animation, video, multimedia and more. Download Microsoft Silverlight latest version.

Microsoft .NET 3.5 –

.Net framework is a small piece of program that lets your Windows application to run on your computer. Another must install free program that allows you to do your work speeder and smoother. Download .Net Framework 3.5

When talking about drivers for PC, here is one pack solution for all your Driver issues – Download Driver pack solution. If you’re looking out for Freewares and their Alternative, CD/DVD burning softwares, In-built Windows tools to Speed up PC and more.

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