5 Best Tools For Flickr Addicts


Flickr is one of the best image and video hosting website holding more than 4 billion images. Most of the photographers from amateur to professionals have a account on Flickr. You don’t need to be a pro to have an account, If you want to upload the images and share it with friends and community, then Flickr is for you. It’s completely free.

Today we will see some 6 tools for Flickr addicts that will enhance your Flickr experience, let’s jump into it now.

Display Flickr album inside Facebook

This will guide you completely on showcasing your Flickr album inside your Facebook account. Just by adding this facebook application, you will have a separate tab on your facebook profile displaying all your flickr sets and photostream.

Guiding you to buy a Camera using Flickr

Planning to buy a digital camera DSLR ? Don’t know where to get the perfect guide, then using Flickr camera finder, you can get to know the best camera models which pro photographers use it. The EXIF information which is collected and aggregated from images are very helpful to determine the best camera models used by the photographers.

Save pictures from Flickr on Bulk

Have you ever want to download the entire Flickr set or photo albums ? Then if you’re looking for a tool to bulk download flickr images, then here you go..

Share Flickr photos on Twitter automatically

When ever you upload a photo on Flickr, it automatically tweets about it on your twitter account, there by it reduces your work of tweeting about your new flickr uploads to your twitter friends and followers.

Transfer images from Flickr to Picasa or Photobucket

If you want to transfer all your Flickr photo albums to Picasa or Photobucket, then this tool might help you to transfer at one go. Flickr > Picasa or Photobucket.

Backup your Flickr account

Backing up your flickr account will always rescue from any incident like getting hacked or deleting the album accidentally. check out how to back up your flickr account.

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  1. Steve says:

    I love the bulk upload application that Flickr provides.

  2. Joshua says:

    A great tool in addition to Flickr is click.to!

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