4 Tools to Customize Windows 7 Logon Screen


Windows 7, the latest operating system from Windows with tons of new features but always with a boring default windows startup screen. No in-built options to change logon screen, we always need third-party tools to play with it. Let’s see 4 tools to customize the look the Windows 7 logon screen. How long should we see the same old login screen, let’s look for a change.

Tweak.com Logon Screen Changer

Tweak.com Logon screen changer is a dead simple way to change the logon screen in Windows 7. Its easy to use interface and portable feature makes it a very useful. You can simply change the logon screen just by browsing the pictures and adding to it. It shows the preview of current and new logon screen. If you want to revert back to old default screen, then you can hit the revert button and also there is a test button to preview the new logon screen.

Logon Screen by DanielNET of DeviantArt

Logon screen changer by DanielNET of devianART has added the option to change the logon screen in the right click context menu. Just use the context menu and change the logon screen of your Windows 7. Once you’ve choosen the Logon screen option from the context menu, you can simply choose the picture and change the background of Logon screen. There are two options such as restoring it to the default background and locking it to view the current logon screen. If your image size is larger than 256 Kb, then it automatically resizes it to the highest quality available.

Thoosje’s Logon screen Editor

Thoosje’s Logon screen Editor lets you to change the background of logon screen in seconds. It provides a wide variety of options on the panel such as Browse, backup, restore backup, restore default and more backgrounds. Browse option lets you to browse the images and set as logon screen. Backup options lets you to backup the current logon screen and restore backup allows to restore the saved backup. Default option revert backs to the old default logon screen. More backgrounds lets you to choose more backgrounds for the logon screen from the Internet.

Portable Windows 7 Logon Screen Editor

When considering the above 3 logon screen editors, this one offers advanced options like changing the background logon screen, design size, changing usernames, default picture and branding names etc. You can revert back to default one when ever there is a error and also you can preview it. It is portable and works on both 32 and 64 bits.

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    also check out TuneUp Styler of TuneUp utilities.
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