3 Useful things to DM on Twitter


Like how you Personal message some one on Facebook, Twitter has an option to Direct message (DM) an individual. We can use twitter DM to message personally, share personal information and also people on twitter auto DM with welcome message etc. Apart from these activities, here are the 3 useful things that uses twitter DM.

Access your Googl Calendar using Twitter DM :

Using TwitterCal service that connects your twitter account to Google calendar, you can add events and get reminders using your twitter DM.

Track your Order Package using Twitter DM :

Using Trackthis service you can track your packages and sends you instant updates over twitter DM. If you DM them your Package number, they will send you a direct message each time your package changes location.

Finally ! Use Twitter DM as Alarm Clock :

Just follow @timer and DM your reminder note with time, it reminds you with a message as a alarm clock.

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