3 Things To Consider Before Following People on Twitter


On Twitter you can follow any one and vice versa. We’ve already discussed many things about twitter right from designing your twitter background to engaging with people on twitter. You can catch up the entire tips about twitter at 170 useful tips, hacks, apps on twitter. You can check out the post and it will cover the entire thing. Now back to the topic, as title says, what are the 3 things that one must consider before following someone on twitter ? Whether they should be related to your niche ? they should not spam your timeline ? the person shouldn’t be related to adult things ? what do you expect ? on what basis you should follow a person on twitter ? So many questions, check out the simple guide below to know the must consider things before following a person on twitter.

Twitter recently displays a new ‘Who To Follow’ feature where it needs to suggests actually people related to your niche and your interest. But these Who To Follow feature suggests only crap and celebrities, never mind. Chuck out the feature and lets digg into manual thing by considering people before following them.

How do you decide who to follow on twitter ? On what category basis you follow people on twitter ?

Before following people on twitter, you never knew anything about them. There are millions of people on twitter to follow, and what should you look for before following some one ? what criteria should be used before following them on twitter ? Now am not discussing about the most trusted people like your favorite bloggers, or some one whom your friend recommends. If you know the trustability of the people, then you can blindly follow them. Now the below mentioned factors are for people who’re looking to network with new followers and find some new things on their twitter stream.

Followers – Following Ratio

Before following someone on twitter, check out their following-followers ratio. Some people have huge number of followers and they will be following less no of people, in that case their twitter conversation must be checked out. If the case is vice versa, then never follow them. they are usually bots and produce useless information.

What do they Tweet ?

Once you’ve verified the followers following ratio, the next thing you should check out is the content which they tweet. You must follow if they come under these cateogries – If they are related to your job or line of business, If they tweet great and interesting information, If they have the same hobbies or taste when compared to you, If their tweets relax you and if you’re having full fun, If their retweeting messages are useful or valuable to you? then you must consider following them.

Are they Engaging ?

Check out their tweet stream whether they are engaging and replying to tweeps with @replies and find out that they are human beings and not computer bots. If they are engaging with other tweeps, you can follow them. Here are some 15 secrets revealing how to engage with people on twitter.

Finally last word, if you’re bothering about tweet frequency then check out how many tweets they post per day. If you think they’re posting too much tweets and flood your timeline, then keep them away. If you’re not bothered, then go ahead and follow them. Happy following ! Don’t forget to follow @madrasgeek & myself (@dangerdiabolick)

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