3 Most Essential Chrome Extensions


As it stands right now, there are about four thousand extensions that offer increased features for the Chrome browser. Unfortunately, most of these extensions are not really all that useful for people. Sure there are always going to be those niche extensions that certain people are going to need. But for the most part, the average user only needs a few, and here is a guide to the ones that I have found to be the most useful.

All of these extensions are currently available from the official Chrome Extensions site, go give them a try and you might just how useful they are; I know that they have helped me a lot and I’ve tried many extensions out just looking for the right ones.


If you have ever had the experience of accidently closing a tab, you’re going to be interested in Tab Jump. One of the problems with Chrome is the history feature and its lack of depth. Sometimes when you accidently close a tab that has been open for some time it is almost impossible to go back into your history to find that page. TabJump helps that by giving you a list of your most recently close tabs. It does have some other useful tab-organizing features, but this is the primary reason why I use it.

Google RSS Extension

This is a great extension because when you find a fantastic blog you want to be able to add it to your Google Reader right away. With this, any site that has a feed available will cause a RSS icon to popup in your omnibox. Just click on the icon and you are taken to your Reader account, where you can store the feed. Simple and non-obtrusive, which is what I like about good extensions.

ForecastFox Weather

I’ve tried out numerous weather extensions, and I’ve found one no better than Forcastfox. It gathers its data from Accuweather, which is a weather source that I like. You are able to store multiple locations with this extension as well. By simply taking a glace up at the upper right of your browser, you are able to get the temperature and weather conditions in one icon. Click on the icon, and you’ll see detailed information, a ten day forecast, and any weather alerts for your area.

I like to keep things nice and simple in my browser. With email, Reader and a whole mess of tabs open in my browser I don’t want to have crazy notifications or new-fangled graphics in my browser. I just need to be able to my work. Call me old fashioned, but try out this combination of extensions in Chrome, and you’ll forget that you even have them installed. That is, of course, until you need them.

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  1. The Forecastfox extension is really awesome. I usually go to the BBC site which is bookmarked in my browser. Now this gonna reduce my effort and provide the required info in my browser itself. thanks a lot for sharing…


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