12 Coolest Search Engines You’ve Never Heard Of


Normally when someone talks about search engines the names that come to our mind are – Google, Bing or Yahoo. But what most of us don’t know is that though these search engines are most popular amongst masses; there are some cool niche specific search engines too which do an excellent job in getting the information from a specific niche. Here, we’ll tell you 12 such great search engines.

Scrius :

Scirus is a scientific search engine that provides the most accurate results for science specific queries and is a great resource for scientists and scholars. Scrius only includes the trusted sites in their index which guarantees the accuracy of results to the searcher. According to their Site, currently they have more than 370 million scientific pages in their index.

Trabber :

Trabber is a flight and hotel search engine and can save lot of your time and money while travelling. When you search for a flight or a hotel on Trabber, Trabber will search your query simultaneously on a list of airlines, travel agencies and hotel websites and provide you with the best deals from these sites. Each search result is displayed with a direct link and you can easily book a flight or hotel by clicking on that link. Currently Trabber search on 42 websites for flights and 8 websites for Hotels.

Radio-Locator :

Radio Locator is the most accurate radio station search engine on web. You can find complete information of your local radio stations just by entering your city name or a zip code

Storm Event :

Storm Event is a great tool to find out the storms/tornadoes recorded in your county. This application uses the NCDC Storm Event database to generate results. According to the site, NCDC is maintaining this database from 1950.

PubGene :

PubGene is a biological search engine that helps the searcher to get the accurate information about genes and proteins. You can get complete information about a gene – its association with other genes, what does it do etc from a single search at PubGene.

Threat Library :

McAfee threat library is a search engine of online threats and vulnerabilities. It contains complete information about the viruses and malwares and link to the removal tools.

SplogSpot :

SplogSpot is a spam blogs search engine where you can search for spam blogs in your niche or for a particular keyword.

FindSounds :

FindSounds is a free search engine where you search sound effects all across the web. You can search audio files by entering a sound effect name like elephant, bass drum etc and can filter results according to File format, file size, number of channels , resolution etc.

Fly Express :

FlyExpress is a search engine for Biologists, where researchers can search from 100,000 digital images of more than 4,000 genes. Using FlyExpress researchers can view spatial patterns of individual genes at various stages of development.

Retrievr :

Retrievr is a unique search engine which search flickr images on the basis of a rough sketch drawn by searcher.

Celebrity Search Engine :

As the name suggests , Celebrity search engine is a great resource for fans who want to get accurate results when searching for their favorite celebrities.

SourceBank :

SourceBank is a search engine of programmers and developers where they can search for source code of Java, C++, Perl, Python etc.

These 12 search engines are not the end of the list. There are hundreds of niche specialized search engines on web. You can find a search engine for any niche you can possibly think of, which can provide much better results than popular search engines like Google and Bing. Do you use any niche search engine regularly? Then feel free to share it with us in comments below.

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  1. vijay says:

    I’ve never heard any one of this search engines before :( , Nice info…

  2. Roman says:

    Yes, most of us don’t know about these niche specific search engines. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about search engines.

  3. Tim Bull says:

    An interesting one to ad to this list is http://adioso.com which is cross-airline natural language search engine for Travel, it lets you do queries like “Sydney to overseas under $600”.

  4. I’m with you Vijay…I haven’t heard of any of these before either and he didn’t list any of my favorites like FeelTipTop, NowRelevant, Zuula blog search, or DuckDuckGo.

    There are others but I’m too tired tonight to remember them all. :-)

  5. Harsh says:

    Nice list. You can also add icerocket.com

  6. Biible says:

    You can also add Biible.info, to find Bible Commentaries across the Net.

    Have a look at http://www.biible.info

    The future is focused search not general purpose search

  7. Sarah says:

    These are all great resources. You should also look at http://neuinfo.org. It is a focused neuroscience search engine with an intelligent ontology-based backend.

  8. lizzy says:

    u should add the mobile app search engine mimvi http://www.mimvi.com and their specialized engine for games http://www.mimvigames.com

  9. Viral says:

    awesome list bro, gonna bookmark it, thanks for nice search and share.

  10. Anders says:

    Great list – for travel you may want to add a prizewinner: Momondo

  11. even i too never heard of single search engine which u mentioned..cool tnx for sharing the inf0

  12. Hey you forgot to add one more! (Perhaps because you haven’t heard of us!)
    Trademarkia.com hosts the largest and most accessible search engine of the U.S. federal trademark database, and it’s FREE to search :)

  13. shabnam says:

    really… they are totally unknown!!

  14. George from Prague says:

    Thanks, these are really awesome services.
    Let me add my suggestion. I have recently stumbled upon an useful website when searching for a flight. http://www.whichairline.com does something no other flight search engine can (at least I haven’t found such). It can search for connecting flights using multiple airlines. Try it for yourself, it can even combine two different low costs. And saves a lot of time when searching.

  15. Here is another visual one that I like called Spezify.


  16. Very nice post indeed…

  17. Can Kaya says:

    it is an interesting bookmark

  18. Ereid says:

    I found recently this flights search engine http://www.drungli.com that is pretty efficient, fast and simple.

  19. Ereid says:

    It works only for Europe though :-/

  20. Pankaj says:

    You are right never heard of any of them! Didn’t get why spolgspot is useful…


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