Zoom Twitter Avatar on Mouseover with Twitter Photo Zoom


Twitter display pictures or avatars are very small in size and if at all, you want to view it in the original size, then Twitter photo zoom extension for Google chrome lets you to preview twitter display images in a zooming way just when you do a mouseover.

Many people upload their full size pictures on twitter and unfortunately it can display only some part of it as twitter avatar. It allows you to crop and then show you a small fixed size as display picture, If at all you want to view the original size of images, then use Twitter photo zoom.

Twitter photo zoom chrome extension allows you to preview large size avatar on mouseover. You can view twitter display pictures on Home page, your followers list, following list, favorites and on lists. So just moveover your mouse and you can see the picture displaying on your right side or left side of the screen. check out the screenshot below –

Try out Twitter Photo Zoom chrome extension.

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  1. this enhancement is almost same as the google image viewer in the search option , was good and easy to watch it

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