Why Blogging is a Hit ?


Blogging is the newest addition when it comes to online websites. All around the internet there are many blog hosting sites where you can post your own articles. But why is it that blogging is quite a hit even across different walks of life?

Blogging acts as an online diary for younger people. Bloggers find it interesting to follow and be followed. No matter how trivial the post, if you are a good writer you can make interesting topics that your followers can talk about. In line with this, people find others who have the same interest as them.

People can also find informative articles in blogsites. Aside from online libraries which will require some form of payment, blog sites are free for everyone’s access.

Technical topics can also be simplified when posted in blogs. Instead of relying on formal papers to explain jargons and concepts, people find discussions in blogs simpler and more understandable.

Updates on the latest trends and topics on the internet can also be seen in blogs. The continuous addition of topics to personal threads also keeps people posted.

Fictional works are also sometimes compiled online in blogs to make it easier for them to gain popularity.

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  1. Smart says:

    Nice post :) Yeah many new bloggers are emerging daily :)
    But the Picture in this post seems to be Odd….


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