URL Shortening on Chrome with Chikitizer


There are many URL shortening websites where you can shorten the lengthy url into a smaller one that lets you to share easily on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. On the recent years, URL shortening has become very famous and many popular sites like Bit.ly or Tinyurl has their own extensions for chrome.

If you would have noticed, URL shortening sites offers bookmarklets for browsers, where one can just click the bookmarklet from the browser bookmarks bar and shorten the URL. To replace that, many URL shortening extensions for browsers have given birth to it. Whether Firefox or Chrome, there are many URL shortening extensions. On the past we had also seen some of them,

Chrome Chikitizer extension lets you to shorten lengthy URL from your browser. Once installed, it shows a small icon next to your address bar (where you type www.google.com). When you click on the icon, simply enter your email ( No SPAM ) and request an API-KEY. You need to have a separate API key to get the full features of this extension.

Once you get your API key on the mailbox, enter it on the pop-up where you entered your email id. That’s all, now you can start chikitizing all websites.

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  1. Chikitizer i find this application very useful for customizing the google chrome browser

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