Twitter Extender Adds 7 Necessary features to Twitter Web interface


You might have used many twitter clients where it supports some awesome features like automatic URL shortening, Replying all feature, Old RT style etc, but if you’re a web interface user then you will be missing all these features which lets you to use twitter easily. At some time, you may think that web interface sucks with out all these features because most of the people use any of the twitter client for managing their accounts effectively.

Just wait ! Did I say you can never enjoy web interface with all the features used on a twitter client ? Be a chrome lover like me and enjoy all those features which a twitter client has. Twitter Extender chrome extension adds some necessary features to Below are the list of features that are added on the web interface.

1. Old Retweet style : You can retweet a tweet with the old “RT” style by clicking on “RT” link.
2. Reply to all : if you participated in a conversation with more than one person you can use reply to all by clicking on “Replay to all”.

3. Direct Message : you can send a direct message easily by clicking on “DM” link.
4. Switch Tweet Direction : helpful feature for reading Right-To-Left written Tweets ; Arabic Tweets for example.

5- Highlight your mentions in timeline.
6- URL Shorten Service : Offers tidy URL shortening abilities with an “add URL” option inserted just below the “What’s happening” box.

7- Load Previous tweets if the tweet is a reply.

So these are the seven necessary features on twitter web interface and hope you get benefitted from it. You can use this Twitter Extender chrome extension.

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  1. VISHAL says:

    I like Reply to all feature….. bdw nice list…


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