5 In-Built Windows Tools To Speed Up Computer


We have seen lot of softwares for a Windows PC to make it faster with the help tools like CCleaner, etc. There are some corporate users who are not allowed to install anything on their machine due to security reasons. The IT departments do not take good care of their computers either, This post will be highly useful to those users who are in the state of not being able to make their computer faster without any additional software.

The tips covered in this post will be familiar for many, I am sure they are very effective when done regularly (i.e. once every fortnight).

Disk Cleanup

This is probably the oldest trick on the book. Disk clean up significantly reduces disk usage by cleaning up unwanted files. This cleaner took a whopping 4 minutes in my computer to estimate the files that can be cleaned. It isn’t very fast when compared to its counterparts such as CCleaner but it’s surely worth using when you’ve got no choice.

Disk Clean-up has one more tab called ‘More options’ which includes options to uninstall programs that are never used. It also allows you to delete old system restore points which you will no longer need.

Disk Defragmenter

This is another effective way of making your computer faster. Your computer scatters all your data in the Hard disk as you keep using them they become so chaotic that it takes a LONG time to process your request. Defragmenting helps you organize all the data on your Hard disk so that your computer can pick them up easily when required.

Error Checking

Checking your Hard disk for errors makes it more reliable and stable; you can easily get rid of bad sectors and files that always leave behind a footprint.

You can check your disk for errors by going to Computer -> Right Clicking C: / or any drive -> Properties -> ‘Tools’ Tab -> Error checking -> Check now.

Remove Unwanted Programs from Start Up

When you boot your computer you can see a lot of icons on the system tray you haven’t even seen before, if you hover the pointer over them the name of the corresponding program’s name will be revealed. You can use the system configuration utility to remove some of the programs you don’t need, doing this on your computer will help you achieve a faster start-up time.

Instructions: Start -> Run -> type  ‘msconfig’ -> System Configuration utility will now show up -> ‘start up’ tab -> uncheck the ones you won’t need and hit apply

Use the Task Scheduler

The Task Scheduler is an effective way to regularly schedule and perform all the above tasks.

If you regularly perform the above tasks at least once a month you can be sure that your windows computer performs to it’s full potential.

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  1. Good list Gouthaman, some people may not even know these & tend to use 3rd party app thereby simply wasting space & energy, Some are even ready to pay..thts ironic :P

    • Charles says:

      Disk cleanup does not remove invalid registry and other stuff such as privacy traces.

      Turning on Disk Defragmenter in Windows on not only slows down your computer and Microsoft’s disk defrag is 1 of the slowest disk defragmnter.

      Error Checking is quite a useful tool but if you maintatence your computer regularly , you do not even need this tool.

      Remove unwanted Program(msconfig) is not really removing. It only disable/ block it. And you will always see a blocked message at tray notifaction area.

      Task Scheduler seems like a interesting tool esepcially to people who is too busy and I didn’t know about this tool.

    • Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

      Well, It is always advisable to have an additional software such as Ccleaner to maintain one’s computer. But, Under certain circumstances you won’t be able to do so. (like corporate policies, etc).

      These in-built tools are sadly aren’t as good as they are supposed to be. (even in Windows 7). But, doing something with them is better than not maintaining the computer at all.

  2. Charles says:

    @ Gouthaman Karunakaran
    True. However, you can also use portable version of the software.

    If the admin disable installing of software by the policies, it is up to the admin to do the maintenance and people won’t even bother to do these maintenance since is not their computer. They may even use this as excuse in the office as the computer are having problems.

  3. This post will be very useful for Newbies :) .But using some utilities will them to solve there problems ;)


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