How to use Google Chrome as Dual View Split Screen browser ?


If you’re a web developer or designer or a person who is working with multiple screens, then this is a must install extension for your browser. Sometimes you may have to work by comparing two websites or two different pages. If you’ve a dual monitor setup, then it would be easy for you to get the work done. If you don’t have one, then splitting your single monitor into two screens is what it can be done. This add-on splits the browser in two parts, each one can open a different webpage. You can enjoy browsing two websites at the same time which provides dual view in your browser.

Split Screen Chrome extension allows you to have a dual view in Chrome browser. You can browse two pages at a same time without need of another browser. Opens a new tab and prompts the user for two URL’s, then displays both sites on one page, also supports adding more frames either horizontally or vertically. Great for cross-reference studying and surfing the web in general! Watch a video, (or wait for it to buffer) while you surf another webpage.

You can choose default webpages to load on opening the extension and other customizations from the options page. Check out this cool extension for dual view split screen on your chrome browser.

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  1. TechGopal says:

    ohh really nice ad don for Google chrome …
    i will give a try for it…….

  2. This extension looks fantastic and might help since i always have 5 tabs open at same time and I might be able to consolidate and have to do less tabbing.

  3. inoviative fearure from google chrome

  4. this will be a boon for the users who opens and need to keep multiple tab at a time.
    an innovative feature by google chrome

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