Hire Employee/Find a Job Using Social Media ?


Social media has become the most effecient and cost effective way to find the right talented person for the job, so companies have started hiring professionals from the social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Jobvite.

Companies have reduced putting their efforts on job boards and search firms, instead they look out from Social media sites. If you’re looking for a job, now you know where to put yourself. Many people are not aware of this and If you’re one among them, start building your online reputation now. Employers find it very easy to hire people based on their profiles like LinkedIn and also cross check the employee behaviour and attitude using other social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The recent research from recruiting platform says, Jobvite, nearly 58.1% had successfully hired a candidate found through a social network. On that, 80% of companies recruit through LinkedIn network. Now you know the value and importance of LinkedIn social network. Adding to it, 55% and 45% of companies recruit through Facebook and Twitter.

5 Ways To Use Internet For Job Hunt

So all these things tell us on building online reputation on social networks which is very useful for our job profile. Now all we need is, building up good relationship online which should turn into a job.

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  1. Riten Jain|Unleash The Tech says:

    I didn’t knew that:) thanks for the info..

  2. ya off course social media gave many benefits nowadays. i agreed with author of this article. thanks for sharing the informations


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