5 Free Alternatives To Google Calendar


Google Calendar helps you to keep track of all the events and reminds via email, text messages etc. You can share your calendar with friends and family. Perfect web application created by Google for time management. On the past we had seen many tools to keep track of time management and also add-ons for Google chrome which helps you to check, schedule your events without logging into Google Calendar page.

DayHiker Chrome add-on lets you to schedule and tasks from chrome toolbar and Check Google calendar on the fly and also a GCal Notifier desktop app that reminds Google Calender events. Today we are going to see best 5 alternatives for Google calendar. You shouldn’t be relying on Google service alone, you can also try other alternate services which has equal features.

Best Google Calendar Alternatives

Mozilla Sunbird

Mozilla Sunbird is a cross-platform (Windows,Linux and Mac) calendar application, built upon Mozilla Toolkit. It provides you with a full-featured and easy to use calendar application that you can use around the world.


30boxes is a hassle free calendar which organize your life, you can keep track your friends and family, share all or some of your schedule with people you add as buddies, remember birthdays and plan events.


CalendarsQuick.com offers more than 80 PDF file templates to create your own calendar. It has many types of calendars like weekly, monthly, yearly, multiple calendars, photo calendar etc. This one is not free, it costs 10$ per year. Also check out how to create personalized calendar in 5 minutes with calendarpainter


WhichTime is a easy to use calendar which is quite fast to access. Just signup, point to the date, click it and save the task.


Memotoo is a super schedular online calendar where you can sync your address book contacts, Facebook, access your email accounts, online storage, and bookmarks online.

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  1. Tinh says:

    Which time is great one, it looks awesome. Thanks for your great list.

  2. Convenient Calendar http://www.convenientcalendar.com
    Famundo http://www.famundo.com
    Cozi http://www.cozi.com
    Which Time http://www.whichtime.com
    Yahoo and MSN Calendar

    Just to add to the list of free alternatives

  3. Looker says:

    I’m not sure if mozilla sunbird is as good as google calendar.

  4. One more to add to the list – KitchenHub Family Organizer

  5. ted andree says:

    what we are fighting with is printing google calendars. We can not warp the event text and also getting all the events listed in box ofr day of week.


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