Diagnose/Troubleshoot Video Card Problems, Corrupted Screens


Due to hardware failure or software issues, your computer screen makes visual errors. Mostly these visual errors are caused because of video cards which are mainly responsible for computer screen display. When you get corrupted screens, then 2 things will come to our mind. One is driver issues and the next thing software program which is incompatible on your computer. So troubleshooting these video card problems would be a huge task to deal with.

Video card troubleshooting, when I was surfing on the web, I came through this web page which has collection of screen grabs of corrupted screens which are results of specific video card problems. You can diagnose your video card by comparing your screen with the example corrupted screens.

Updating your drivers can sometimes fix your problems, but only if you know the cause of the issue, you can come to conclusion that it is hardware problem or some software issue. So on the webpage, they have many screen shots of various video card problems and their solutions. I thought it would be useful for all people who face the video card issues.

For Driver issues, you can check out Driver Pack Solution 10, which installs all the missing drivers on your system.

They have covered in detail about various issues with screen shots, If you’ve ever come across such problems, then this would be really helpful. You can bookmark this post or the webpage which is given.

Video Card troubleshooting with Screen captures.

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