DDR 2 vs. DDR 3 – Which is better? [Pros and Cons]


Most of us know about DDR (Double Data Rate) Memory, most of our computers use the DDR2 RAM and we’re pretty much okay with Newer computers come with either DDR2 or DDR3 and in this post I am showing you the pros and cons each variant.


DDR2 is a technology that’s been around for a while (since 2004). It’s reliable, economic and is compatible with most of the computers we have today. It consumes lesser energy than DDR while delivering a much better performance and is highly recommended for PCs running applications which require more resources.


DDR3 on the other hand is very new to the market (less than a year old). It’s a lot faster and offers more bandwidth, works with even lesser energy when compared to DDR 2. The real downer is that it isn’t economical at all. Since the technology is pretty new the price is very high and will take some time before we see any fall in its price. It’s physically incompatible with DDR2, which means that if you are looking to upgrade your DDR or DDR2 computer, you need to purchase an appropriate memory module and not DDR3.

Bottom Line:

Purchasing a High-end DDR2 than a basic DDR3 for the same price isn’t a very good idea. If you can spend more on your PC, go for DDR3, your computer will definitely be future ready and this is very useful if you are planning to use your computer for a long time. On the other hand, DDR2 is pretty much the standard today and you won’t have problems for the next 2 years with DDR2 since support is available in plenty. Buy DDR3 if you are going for a High-end Graphic card for your PC since Graphic cards need faster response from the RAM.

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